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Choosing the right material

As well as having an important practical bearing on your finished packaging, your choice of material can say so much about your brand and ethos. We work primarily with paper based packaging including corrugated cardboard, folding box board and rigid paper covered boxes. All are great eco-friendly options – being fully recyclable and having high levels of recycled content.

Alongside designing boxes, we are also experts at using these materials to create bespoke plastic free fittings and closures. With single material packaging being much kinder to the recycling industry, there are some great environmental benefits of adopting this approach.

Corrugate and microflute

Although the term corrugated cardboard can summon up visions of large unattractive packing boxes, it is actually a very versatile material which can deliver a huge range of finishes and properties. It is extremely strong, while also being lightweight. Our design team use a variety of thicknesses and strength of corrugated material to give the desired results.

We often use microflute material in our designs which, thanks to its very fine fluted layer, gives a smooth and high quality finish, while still maximising strength.

Completely printable, both inside and out, corrugated board is perfect for attractive yet strong gift packaging, and excellent for protecting products via ecommerce and subscription packaging.

Folding box board

Folding box board, or cartonboard, is popular within the health and beauty, food and pharmaceuticals sectors, to name a few. Giving a great print surface and smooth finish, folding box board can be printed, foil blocked, embossed and debossed to give a wide range of finishes.

Rigid paper covered boxes

We can also design and deliver rigid pre-assembled boxes, with a wide range of luxury paper finishes - great for high end gifts.

Covering papers

We are able to use a whole range of different materials across our range of packaging solutions to achieve your desired finish – whether it be a metallic, pearlised aesthetic or tactile, textured papers, we can deliver.

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Award winning design

Our in-house design team are consistently recognised with industry awards for their packaging design excellence.