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Postal Boxes, Ecommerce Boxes & Cardboard Delivery Boxes

Postal Boxes, Ecommerce Boxes & Cardboard Delivery Boxes

Perfect for sending items through the post or by courier, our range of postal and delivery eCommerce boxes are attractive, robust and practical. Single piece hinged lid boxes can also be used as cost-effective gift boxes for a wide range of products, from beauty boxes to food gifts and hampers, through to clothing and homewares.

    Postal Boxes FAQ's

    What is a postal box?

    Postal boxes, shipping boxes, mailing boxes and delivery boxes are used to ship products and goods from one place to another - usually using Royal Mail or courier delivery services. Typically they are one-piece boxes, hinged lid boxes, or tuck in top boxes. Our boxes are easy to assemble, lightweight yet very strong. 

    How do you use a postal box?

    Our postal boxes are easy to assemble. Our single-piece hinged lid boxes come flat-packed in packs of just 25 units. Assembly instructions are included with easy to follow steps which help you build your postal packaging. Just assemble, tuck in the lid, secure and send. Use Royal Mail or courier companies for sending. 

    What sizes are your Royal Mail Compliant Postal boxes?

    We offer a range of Royal Mail compliant sizes as follows:

    Royal Mail Large letter - max dimensions 35.3x25x2.5cm ‚Äď max weight ‚Äď 750g

    • A5 Postal Box - Large Letter Compliant
    • A4 Postal Box - Large Letter Compliant

    Royal Mail Small parcel - max 45x35x16cm ‚Äď max weight 2kg

    • Postal Box - DL
    • Ecommerce Postal Box 11x11x10cm
    • Ecommerce Postal Box 20x14x5.5cm
    • Ecommerce Postal Box 1 34mm
    • Ecommerce Postal Box 21x21x8.5cm
    • Ecommerce Postal Box 1 80mm
    • Ecommerce Postal Box 2 49mm
    • Ecommerce Postal Box 2 95mm
    • Ecommerce Postal Box 3

    Royal Mail Medium Parcel - max 61x46x46cm ‚Äď max weight ‚Äď 30kg

    • Ecommerce Postal Box 50x6x6cm
    • Ecommerce Postal Box 35x35x15cm (dimensions are internal)
    • Ecommerce Postal Box 4
    • Flower letter box
    • Flower bouquet box
    • Wreath / platter box

    How much is a postal box?

    Postal boxes are an affordable packaging option, with our wide range starting at just 56p per unit ex VAT.

    What colours are your postal boxes available in?

    Our Ecommerce Postal Boxes are available in multiple reversible colourways. A range of sizes are available as follows:

    Black Postal Boxes

    Crimson Postal Boxes

    White Postal Boxes

    Natural Kraft Postal Boxes

    Fuchsia Pink Postal Boxes

    Grey Postal Boxes

    Turquoise Postal Boxes

    Award winning design

    Our in-house design team are consistently recognised with industry awards for their packaging design excellence.