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Need help? Call our friendly team on 01543 480163.
Need help? Call our friendly team on 01543 480163.
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Measuring a gift box

Sounds simple, right?! Well it is…. but the packaging industry does have some set conventions it’s worth familiarising yourself with before you confirm your dimensions.

  1. Firstly we use three dimensions, usually measured in millimetres
  2. The first two dimensions generally refer to the “opening” area of the box.  This is the opening that you will use to fill the box with your product. The remaining dimension is specified last. In the diagram below the size would be quoted as 208mm x 157mm x 80mm
  3. All dimensions refer to the internal dimensions of the box (i.e. the “usable” size of the box)

We have lots of customers who refer to inches. That’s ok! If you need it, 1 inch = 25.4mm, but if you would like us to convert dimensions for you, please call the office and we will gladly help.

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