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How Can BoxMart Box Up Your Business?

Modern advertising has a heavy influence on a brand’s sales figures. Stand back, observe, and you’ll soon realise that there’s a form of advertising nestling under your nose. On the shelf, over the airwaves, on the television, at the bus stop, plastered over lorries, interrupting your music and even emblazoned on Lionel Messi’s jersey. Advertising is EVERYWHERE!

Advertising varies in form and prominence. While TV advertisements and radio jingles adopt a scatter-gun approach to target consumers, there are more focused advertising solutions available, like the press kit.

Press kits provide a highly effective way of raising your brand profile with key influencers in your industry and the general population. By targeting those who help shape public and industry opinion you can showcase products, get your brand seen, and create a lasting impression that can help forge valuable relationships with people that can really make a difference to your company’s growth.

So with this in mind, what ensures a press kit achieves success? Here are our 5 rules to press kit perfection:

First impressions count

As unboxing experiences become the next internet phenomenon, increased importance is placed on a product’s packaging. High quality boxes and great constructional design have the potential to differentiate a brand from its rivals. Boxes are a multifunctional species. They can open outwards, have hidden compartments, nestle inside a specially designed sleeve, be small, large and extravagantly shaped. One thing is for certain; intriguing packaging and a great opening experience can be the difference between your press kit being remembered or forgotten.  While bespoke packaging gives a great impression, achieving a professional high-end look needn’t stretch your budget beyond its limits. Off the shelf boxes can be used to create great, high impact press kits that have a lasting effect. BoxMart’s e-commerce boxes are ideal for sending your products to press through the post with a polished, professional look.

Be faithful to your brand

Great design is integral to success in today’s crowded markets. When consumers see a multitude of brands all competing for the spotlight, an eye-catching design can be the simplest way to attract attention.

Whether it be stand out graphics and vivid colours or pared back minimalism, your press kit must be faithful to your brand and recognisable to those who receive it. With a huge choice of materials and print finishes available, your choice of packaging can speak volumes about who you are. BoxMart’s range of e-commerce boxes has recently been expanded with three exciting new colourways, red, gold and silver, allowing you to make a statement with an eye-catching press kit box that ties into your branding. 

Intriguing Interiors

Design is just as important inside. Press kits with well-designed interiors serve a dual-purpose. They present products in an aesthetically pleasing fashion, while preventing them from incurring damage. Options range from bespoke corrugate inserts to off the shelf shredded paper and tissue. A well-designed interior gives a press kit a tailored appearance by adding layers of texture and structure.

Critical Content

The pièce de résistance. Your product. Your opportunity to show off what you do, and how well you do it.

We go by the old adage “less is more”. As tempting as it might be to fill a pack to bursting, hoping generosity will win people over, it is always best to think carefully about your audience, the specific products you wish to draw attention to, and to provide clear compelling messaging that they can later refer to when reviewing your products.

A single or small number of high-quality well-chosen products will focus recipients’ minds far more than a pile of “freebies”.

Select your recipients carefully

Who are the key influencers in your industry? Don’t let the word ‘press’ restrict you. While journalists will always be important, perhaps terming them ‘influencer kits’ will help you widen your audience and select the right people to target.

Think about your target customer… who do they listen to? What do they read? What motivates their purchases? Think trade journals for business to business products or, magazines, key newspaper journalists and columnists, and social media influencers.

Why not send your press kits to retail buyers with an invitation to meet? In selecting the right, focussed audience, and following up to receive feedback, press kits can be such an important tool and just the start of building valuable relationships.

How can BoxMart kit up your brand?

Being suppliers of a wide range of off the shelf packaging solutions, and leaders in creating bespoke packaging solutions, BoxMart has provided packaging for countless press kits.

Recent customers include a leading women’s fashion brand who used BoxMart’s stock boxes for their 2018 press kits, and a high-end cosmetics company for whom we created a stand out bespoke press pack which they sent far and wide.

BoxMart's recently extended range of stock e-commerce boxes are particularly suited to press kits - available in a range of colours, including striking red, gold and silver - and suitable for shipping without the need for transit outers, they offer a professional packaging solution quickly and in quantities that suit you.

Whatever your product and requirements, BoxMart’s creative and friendly team are sure to have a solution for you. With this in mind, check out their stock range at or visit to uncover how press box solutions by BoxMart can benefit your brand.
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