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Need help? Call our friendly team on 01543 480163, available Monday - Friday 9-5pm
Need help? Call our friendly team on 01543 480163, available Monday - Friday 9-5pm
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Meet The Team: Tom Dudeney

  • What’s your job title?
 I am a sales co-ordinator handling both stock orders as well as special bespoke orders.
  • How did you get into the industry/your job? (Work history)
 Previously, I was working for a fast-paced hire company, working with both major construction companies as well as individuals to find out what equipment suitable for their needs. Eventually, I decided it was time for me to find a new challenge in life which is where my journey with BoxMart began. Being new to the packaging industry has meant that I’ve been learning an enormous amount every day, which has been fascinating. Despite my change in direction, it turns out my customer service and problem-solving skills have continued to be really useful! 
  • What inspired you to get into the packaging industry?
 The chance to throw myself into the deep end with something new and exciting was too good an opportunity to pass up on. I feel packaging, and boxes specifically, can be completely overlooked by many people as the majority have no idea how much blood, sweat and tears goes into each pack seen on the high street.
  • What are the favourite elements of your job?
 Every single day that I have been working for BoxMart has been different – whether I’m working on big or small projects, or even helping a colleague out with one of their projects, it’s always a pleasure to see a whole bunch of creative minds come together to truly make something special. 

  • What are the biggest challenges in your role?

I’ve had a huge amount of technical information to learn! The number of different materials and finishes available to customers is immense and making sure we choose the right ones for their packaging is so important. Thankfully I’m surrounded by a great team who are all on hand to advise.
  • What’s your favourite project to have worked on?
 Without going into too much detail as it is still an ongoing project at the time of writing this – there is a box I am working on with a whole host of different things going on with it, but my favourite part of the box is that as you open the lid, there is a mechanism in place which actually lifts the product inside to present it to the consumer. Really cool stuff if you ask me!
  • What’s your favourite thing about working for BoxMart?
 Definitely my colleagues – they’re such a great bunch. There’s always laughs and smiles in the office and it genuinely makes coming to work every day an absolute pleasure. 
  • Any interesting hobbies outside of work?
 Nothing overly interesting. I wake up before dawn on most days to go to the gym, get my day started off in the right way. I enjoy going out for a few drinks every now and again with my friends. I also enjoy going to gigs and music festivals such as Download – I’m there every single year without fail and I absolutely love it!
  • What advice would you give to someone looking to do what you do?
 Be patient with yourself, you aren’t going to learn absolutely everything overnight. Take on challenges and be prepared to constantly keep taking in new information and skills. This isn’t an easy job but it sure is rewarding.
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