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Great British Barber

The design and functionality of this great toolbox packaging ensured that the Sales Team had a practical way of presenting whilst having the necessary eye catching impact a new brand needs!

Great British Barber required an attention-grabbing, carry-case sales tool to excite and educate barbers to buy into its edgy new professional hair brand. The brand is targeted towards fashion savvy, rugged men and the carry-case needed to reflect this aesthetic, delivering instant impact when the Great British Barber sales team walked through the door. The case needed to function not only as an effective sales tool but also have additional capability to be purchased and set up as an immediately functional retail display there and then.

The case needed to be easy to carry and sturdy enough to hold a wide range of products, both in transit and on display, yet compact enough to act as a retail display in barber shops – which are traditionally limited on space.

BoxMart created a unique, fully functional cantilever toolbox, bringing something completely new and unexpected to the market.

To allow the toolbox’s cantilever mechanism to operate authentically within the constraints of cardboard construction, BoxMart’s design included eight distinctive E-Flute struts attached to the outside edges of the trays with plastic rivets. The sleek pivoting action created by this solution allowed the trays to open and close smoothly even when laden with product and provided a great opening experience for customers.

The case comprises a frame-wall tray at the base to hold the larger products and two slimmer double walled trays on top to store smaller tubs of hair clay and paste. E-flute corrugated board was chosen to achieve the required strength and durability, as well as enabling sturdy handles to be created as part of the pack, rather than requiring additional materials.

BoxMart recommended a digital print throughout for a textured, almost rough finish to the case, giving the appearance of a traditional metal toolbox and ensuring the case’s aesthetic would appeal to the brand’s target market.

The case reflects the brand’s rugged aesthetic and target market, while providing all the strength and stability necessary for a functioning retail display.

"The Great British Barber Toolbox has proven a resounding success with both our sales team and our customers. The design and functionality ensured that our sales team had a practical way of presenting whilst having the necessary eye catching impact a new brand needs." - Great British Barber.
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