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Tiny Rebel, Limited Edition 7th Birthday Celebratory Pack

The Brief –

Award-winning Welsh craft brewery Tiny Rebel required packaging for a gift set in celebration of its seventh birthday. 

Known for its striking branding and graphics, distinctive product names and willingness to play with flavour to create something totally new, the brand required BoxMart to create a unique pack which reflected the brewery’s innovative nature and strong identity. It also needed to deliver an impressive opening experience, as well as securely holding seven special edition cans of beer and a glass.

As the brand’s first multipack, it needed to feature exceptional design and hold both the cans and glass securely during transit, either home from the company’s bars or after purchase through e-commerce channels. The pack also needed to deliver a memorable opening experience reflective of its celebratory nature and be resealable and reusable as a collector's item. 

BoxMart’s Role -

BoxMart designed and produced packaging that was a gift-worthy collector’s pack, far removed from a standard supermarket multi-can pack. With its robust construction, great opening experience, re-closable design and the added joy of transforming into a colouring sheet, the box delighted consumers on first sight. The finished pack was a result of close collaboration with the brand, with the process including a design workshop to ensure the final pack reflected Tiny Rebel’s vision.  

Production details –

The exterior features the brand’s imagery, printed in bright, bold colours with a gloss finish, to ensure the pack stands out. Constructed from a single piece of corrugated board, the finished pack delivers the high-impact opening experience required, unfolding to reveal its contents snugly tucked within, without having moved in transit. The design also features a tab for easy re-sealing, ensuring it can be reused and saved as a collector’s item.

In terms of sustainability, BoxMart used its constructional expertise to develop a webbed design which significantly increased the box’s inherent strength. This meant the pack was considerably more resource efficient, minimising wastage.

The box’s exterior print reflected the can art inside, ensuring the brand message was clearly communicated from the moment it was received. The striking design was continued on the inside of the box, which opened out completely flat, featuring a black and white line-drawing version of the exterior artwork; doubling as a colouring sheet to bring added fun and celebration to the experience. The pack even included a set of mini colouring pencils and balloons as a surprise!

Results –

The multi-purpose design of the pack gave terrific value for money as it allowed it to be an effective transit pack, 'colouring book' and collector’s item - all in one design.

BoxMart’s ingenious single-sheet design drastically increased the potential for marketing and branding opportunities, internally and externally, thanks to its ability to open flat. As artwork is such a distinctive part of Tiny Rebel’s identity, this was vital to the pack’s success and ensured it delighted the consumer.

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