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Bubble, bubble, packaging trouble? Let BoxMart cast its spell over your Halloween!

The clocks have gone back, the nights are drawing in and the first festive items have already appeared on the supermarket shelves (we swear they get earlier each year!) which can mean only one thing…yes, Halloween is upon us!

With the annual spookathon continuing to grow in popularity – retail expenditure in the UK topped more than £490m in 2018* and is expected to grow again this year – high street and online retailers are preparing for the last promotional period before the Christmas push begins in earnest. And with the average household spend on Halloween expected to be between £22 and £28, there is a scary amount of opportunity for retailers to capitalise on this year.

So what terrifying trials can we look forward to? Well, if the stats are to be believed, the British tradition of using food to celebrate every occasion continues to run rampant like a mummy escaping its tomb. We can wonder how many of the 75% of shoppers who bought ‘Halloween food products’ last year ended up actually eating them, or whether they just carved a scary face into a large vegetable and made a lopsided lantern for the windowsill, but if 4 out of 5 households are this year expected to purchase some eerie edibles then there is a huge opportunity for packaging to play its part.

Sweet treats such as this continue to prove popular as the UK embraces Halloween with growing gusto; so much so that a trend in the USA for sending sugary Halloween delights by post is becoming increasingly popular on this side of the pond too. Halloween hampers and ghoulish gifts can now be ordered from retailers and delivered to the door of unsuspecting souls.

Thankfully the evil geniuses in the BoxMart basement lab have been cooking up their own concoctions! So if you’re an e-retailer in need of a gift box that is black as night, creepily crimson, or as orange as a petrifying pumpkin, we can help you get your bony hands on exactly what you need. And if it’s terrifying tissue innards your customers crave, our selection of shocking shades and terrifying textures are just the trick!

Paranormal packaging remains just as important for non-food items too, especially when it comes to online and last minute shoppers. With the ever-growing popularity of the season of the witch, more families than ever before are feeling the spirit and decorating the inside of their home. With 14.1% of UK consumers getting involved in dastardly décor in 2018, retailers should ensure their packaging outsides are as Halloween-centric as their insides – with a horrifying half-term to contend with, many consumers will be shopping with their fingers and devilishly decorated packaging can help convince them to click on the all-important buy button!

So remember – whether it’s packaging for ghoulish groceries, demonic decorations or creepy costumes, BoxMart has everything you could need to make this Halloween a Spooktacular success!
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