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Buying British - why UK manufactured products are good for your business

Demand for UK manufacturing is on the rise with an annual output totalling £192 billion, placing it within the top 10 manufacturing nations in the world. This demand from UK customers, also calling for more environmentally friendly products and packaging, has increased over the last few years, meaning UK manufactured goods have seen a revival. 

UK manufacturing accounts for nearly a quarter of the economy and more than 7.4 million jobs according to the latest research by the Manufacturing Technologies Association. With an increase in the production of components locally, a combination of Brexit and the pandemic, the appetite for manufacturing in the UK is on the rise.

As brands and retailers increasingly look to add the ‘Made in Britain’ mark of quality to their products, we’ve identified some of the benefits of working with UK suppliers.

Secure Supply Chains

Unfortunately, there has been a number of supply chain issues within the UK, not just since the pandemic, but also caused by the uncertainty of Brexit, causing headaches for all business owners, small and large. No business has been immune from this, but those that work with manufacturers in the UK have fewer risks associated with their supply chain as they don’t need to import their finished products. This is especially true for manufacturers who themselves choose to work with suppliers based in the UK. If your product is made in Britain, then it makes sense that all your supply chain, including your packaging, is also made in Britain.

Fast Turn Arounds

The main reason UK manufacturers can supply products more quickly is because the goods spend less time being transported. The research and development phases of manufacturing are also streamlined, as communication with local suppliers – who speak the same language and share the same time zone – is easier.  Samples can be supplied as soon as the next day. With less distance to travel, whatever the product, production to delivery time is significantly reduced meaning customers can feel confident in a quick turnaround.

Robust Supplier Relationships

UK manufacturers can tailor their service to every customer as well as offer more production transparency, which is often invaluable and builds trust. The strength of the relationship you have with your supplier is naturally impacted by how easily you can communicate with them. Being able to meet in person and having a clear and concise conversation are two major benefits of working with a UK manufacturer. It also helps to work with domestic suppliers that have a full understanding of your market and current trends.

Low Emissions

Every industry and sector within the UK is currently attempting to meet sustainability targets to keep in line with the government’s 25-year plan to improve the environment. UK manufacturing can significantly decrease the mileage a product has to travel and in turn, the fuel required. Keeping all work on British soil dramatically lowers a business’s carbon footprint and reduces damage to the environment. Your end consumers know this and it’s one of the reasons that ‘Made in Britain’ has become a badge of honour for brands with an eye on sustainability.

UK Economy

When UK businesses help each other, they help themselves. Working together helps boost the economy and creates employment. It’s not just about big business, either. Small businesses account for 60% of all private-sector employment. There’s never been a better time to ‘keep it local’ and support our own economy. 


93% of domestic consumers are willing to pay more for a British-made product, as shown in The Manufacturer report. Great Britain is regarded globally as a trusted quality supplier taking pride in our products, along with strict quality control measures. In most industries, there are laws in place that ensure UK suppliers manufacture to an approved industry standard. Other countries have different regulations which can vary in quality and strictness.

To reflect our belief in the values of UK manufacturing, we recently joined the Made in Britain Campaign. This body supports and promotes British manufacturing, enabling buyers and consumers at home and abroad to identify British-made products, including packaging.

If you require ‘Made in Britain’ packaging, need custom packaging or you need more information about what we do, please contact us. Call us on 01543 480163 or email us at

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