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Online retailers can drive Christmas sales by boosting the ‘opening experience’

Online retailers can drive Christmas sales by boosting the ‘opening experience’
With seasonal shopping about to hit its peak, online retailers are being urged to take advantage of the growing trend for sharing ‘opening experiences’ by creating exciting packaging that can drive sales at the most wonderful – and fiscally vital – time of the year.

“These days, unboxing involves a lot more than simply breaking a seal or lifting a lid, particularly in the e-commerce world where brands may not have a physical touchpoint with the consumer,” said Joanne Offord, Managing Director of gift box packaging solutions specialist BoxMart.

“Unboxing an item immerses the consumer in the theatre of the opening experience and the ability to share this with others through social media can provide start-ups and smaller businesses the perfect opportunity to open up new marketing avenues in the run up to Christmas.”

Joanne explained that the exponential growth in the e-commerce market and shift in consumer awareness of share-able packaging has led brands and retailers to focus on enhancing their presence through distinctive packaging. “While many leading brands can afford the luxury of bespoke packaging designs, smaller start-ups, entrepreneurs and newer online retailers are seeking clever, lower cost ways to create this important unboxing boost to customer satisfaction.

“At BoxMart, we understand this need and offer a comprehensive range of off-the-shelf giftbox designs that can be quickly customised with ribbons, stamps and shred to create the much-needed lift to the consumer experience, ensuring the brand secures the sales and customer loyalty it is seeking.”

“Online-only brands must create a distinctive, engaging consumer experience, often without the consumer having actually had any prior physical contact with the product,” said Joanne. “Customising off-the-shelf boxes with seasonal designs can give products a more festive feel to boost sales and consumer loyalty, but also keep costs down.

“BoxMart offers a high quality, instantly available range of boxes in small or large quantities. Our reversible e-commerce boxes for example, available in a multitude of colours and sizes, are designed to add extra value to a Christmas e-commerce purchase, while our extensive tissue and shred filling options can ensure a great unboxing experience for customers without breaking the bank.

“Regardless of budget, the importance of the opening experience should not be overlooked this Christmas,” concluded Joanne. “Ensuring a happy opening experience for e-commerce customers will help ensure retailers enjoy a happy Christmas too!”
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